phyllis barnabee (onetruegirl) wrote in open_art,
phyllis barnabee

i don't know if i like all the blank background space left.
(words in the picture:

cellophane wings
to take me away
high into the sky
kiss the world good-bye
enter a realm of fantasy
painted nails, painted lips
glittering and shimmering
the old statues cracking
staring you down
trees paint the horizon
fireflies blinking
like tiny lights of
a city emerging
from the dead of night
bringing you back)

gleaming white pearls
fastened on anxious little girls
dolls left scattered in the park
nightlights no longer brighten the dark
women, now, with breasts and blood
'tween their legs a river floods
dreams, like years, pass so fast
blinded from pain, they don't see
they've made it at last
in such a hurry to get old
they don't notice as their hearts grow cold
lost now, the innocent years of joy
hearts broken and forgotten
like the old abandoned toys

i am putty in your hands
what will you turn me into?
i am fearful
no longer can i defend
the person i used to be
no more can i deny
the love inside of me

this flower
with every color
of the rainbow
on it's open petals
and fuzzy stem
sings to the sky
sways in the breeze
grows between
concrete slabs
in a hairline crack

what happens to the song when it's over?
what happens to the scream that goes unheard?
does the band hold on to it or let it go?
does the child keep quiet or let the world know?
the symphony has ended
replaced by a silence louder than a scream
the pain has returned
the past cannot be kept away
do we hold our breath, waiting for the music
to come another day?
can you find the song, bring it to life
do you cut it down with your silver knife?
or do you watch it hang, painfully unsung
the stale air choking any life that once sang
maybe this bar is cursed
maybe the band is too rehearsed
on another day things could've been okay
now the past is here and the future is unclear
what happens to a girl when she wears her mothers pearls?

i lost a poem and i can't even find it online anywhere. i hate losing things. i know one more place where it might be.... wtf, who needs sleep. i'll check that.
i'll post later if i find it. promise. i wanted for this community to be more, but oh well. as long as it doesn't die. rome wasn't built in a day right?

...i find this one amusing for some reason
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